The Buff Man Martini

vodka martini


2 oz. Vodka ½ oz. Kahula 2 oz. 1/2 oz. Irish Creme.

Combine all ingredients over ice stir gently and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a sprinkle of freshly ground coffee or cinnamon.

The Tale of the Buff Man Martini

Now there are very few moments in a woman’s life when she sits back and says “Oh my god, he is beautiful!” Usually when this occurs the rest of the world does not agree. Every woman has a different taste when it comes to men. It is like picking an ice cream flavor some women like the chocolate and some like vanilla or strawberry. It is very rare when a group of women are all attracted to the same man. Oh! How lucky that man must be!

Of course when this happens the groups of women are completely oblivious to the fact that they all find the same man hot. We all have the same thought patterns but do not voice them until much later in the game.  I was out having a Friday night cocktail with my yoga group when a round of beautiful martinis arrived. This martini tasted as sinful as it looked but we all had to indulge. This was the night the Buff Man martini was discovered. This martini is a combination of Vodka, Kahula and Irish Crème. Yes, it is truly a dream that you have to try.  Now just because I was out with the yoga girls does not mean we are sitting around talking about peace, love and macramé. These are all hot and sexy woman but we all share a dedication to our yoga practice and we all share the love of a good martini. After all life is all about balance!

However, on this night we were not discussing how to wrap our legs around our heads. And just so everyone knows we can all actually do that! We were discussing the buff guy who dropped into our last class. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when he sat down on the matt next to me. The most amazing specimen of the male species I have seen to date! Better than any Brad Pitt or George Clooney for sure! My girlfriend mentioned this addition to class in the off handed comment of

“I had a hard time bending forwarded when all I wanted to do was lick the sweat off of his perfect back!”

Well that got everyone’s attention! We all started talking at the same time! Yes, we had all had the same thought at some time though out that class. How on earth had this one man made all six of us sexually crazy during our peaceful yoga class? We could not believe that the group of us who are usually so focused and have so much concentration during our practice had been completely stirred up by this buff guy.

We raised our martinis and toasted the hot babe in our class and giggled as we took out first sip! Wow, now this was a martini that made me sit back and savor every minute. I could tell that it had the same effect on everyone because we were all silent for minute, which was unusual. The martini savoring was broken by the comment that this martini tasted almost as good as the fantasy of sleeping with the mysterious yoga guy! It was true; we all agreed that we all wanted to jump this buff yoga guy. Was it his rock hard muscular body, his nicely tanned skin or was it his amazing ass? Was it how the sweat trickled down every muscle on the buff guy’s body?  Was it his beautiful face, intense green eyes or his brilliant smile? Maybe it was the way his body flowed almost effortlessly through class. Or was it simply all of the above.

We all keep sipping our martinis and discussing the buff man, when the comment was made that any man that was that perfect had to be gay. It was a point to consider, because he was aesthetically perfect. Even his hair, fingers and toes where groomed to perfection, is that not a sign of a gay man. But it was a controversy, even though he looked like he could be gay none of us picked up any gay vibe. Maybe he just had a very well developed feminine side from all the yoga he practiced. The strangest thing was that here was a man that was aesthetically perfect and women where obviously attracted to him. Look what he had done to all of us. But he did not have the slightest bit of ego. He was very genuine with his smile and laughter and there was not the slightest bit of arrogance about him. How is this possible? A man who is beautiful inside and out, with no ego! Is it a miracle? Is this what happens to men when they become advanced spiritually through their yoga practice? The next comment was that he had probably taken a vow of celibacy that is why his sexuality was so high and had driven us all crazy. That was it! No wonder we were all so attracted to him. He was a beautiful soul inside and out and when men take that vow of celibacy their tantric sexuality is magnetic to all the women around them. We had all heard stories of women who had fallen madly in love with monks, priests or guru’s it was all because they radiated this pent up sexuality that drove the opposite sex crazy.

We all giggled with the fact that we had solved the issue of the insane sexuality of the buff yoga guy, but we all also agreed that even though he was delicious to look at we would much rather indulge in the Buff Man martini than keep being distracted by the hot guy in our yoga class.

My Conclusion

The Buff Man martini is one of sweet indulgence. It is a combination of Vodka, Kahula and Irish Crème; this is a blend that can drive women crazy. The Irish Crème is so sinfully sweet like the hottest guy that you just want to eat alive. The Kahula gives this martini that sensual darkness that is erotic like the thought of touching the buff man’s muscular body.  However, life is all about balance so it is better to indulge in something real like the Buff Man martinis because when you fantasize about the perfect man you will only end up being disappointed. If you’re going to indulge do so in the moment with something real. And enjoy! Guilt free!

Intuitive thoughts by

Marjie Martini


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