Who am I?

Who am I? Holy crap . . . now that is a fully loaded question!

I have written so many bios about other people but putting pen to paper to write about myself . . . well, that page is blank. What do I say without sounding like an ego maniac, a bitch or a raving alcoholic? (Martini IS my last name, after all)

Well, I guess what I will say is this: I am a pretty crazy chick who takes a lot of risks and puts it way the F@#&K out there. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t (that’s when it sucks). For some reason this inspires people and they have been asking me for a few years now, how do I do it? How do I create such an amazing life? How do I live two lives in two beautiful places . . . Whistler and Mexico? How do I have so much fun?

I have tried to give a simple answer to that question but it never works, so I usually end up in a bottle of wine conversation. That’s precisely why I created this website, to try and inspire people to live the life they dream of.

So who am I?

I am a 44 year-old single Canadian chick who bends hair for a living and does hair and makeup for a whole lot of brides. I live to surf, I practice yoga every day and I love to drink wine and laugh my ass off as much as possible.

Has it always been this amazing? Hell, no! My life has sucked A LOT! It is a freakin’ miracle that I am not a raving alcoholic or living in a loony bin; sometimes I think that path would actually have been easier. Four paddled walls, great drugs and having my meals cooked for me has sounded like a good option at times. My life has had ups and downs like everyone else, however, my UPS have been super high! But my DOWNS, well, they have been really dark and ugly. But they have made me the woman that I am.

So to answer that question, Who am I?

A cool chick who is creating and living my life, trying to be REAL and authentic and truly grateful for every experience, even the crappy ones. I am a woman who loves hard, drives fast, will jump off the cliff and fight for what I believe, throws myself in front of a bus for my friends or a dog and laughs ’til I cry! Oh yeah, and I also screw up at times . . . but that’s when I pull out really good wine.

That’s all I got. For now, I guess, this is who I am.

I hope you enjoy my story and that it inspires you to follow your heart and live the life that you truly dream of. Because when you dream it, you create it, and when you truly believe in it, all of a sudden you’ll realize that you are really living it! You may still need to pull out the good wine every now and then, but man, will it taste good.


Marjie Martini