People I trust

I’ve been lucky enough to find and connect with some pretty amazing people in my life. To save you all the trial and potential heartache of sorting the good from the no so great people out there, here’s my top tips on people to go to for health and fitness, for guidance, and for inspiration. Use them as you need, tell them I sent you, keep the karmic wheels a turnin’.

For Health & Fitness


Cat Smiley / Fitness Trainer

She will kick your ass, and it is not going to be fun. She will not be your friend, she will not listen to your problems and she will not say its okay to skip class because you don’t feel well, need more sleep or are hung over. HOWEVER, if you are serious about getting healthy and in shape, and doing it properly without injury then this is the woman you contact. How many times over the year I spent with Cat did I not want to go to boot camp? So many times but I went, Why? Because I did not want to let down my boot camp team, or her. Plus, after a few months it did start to feel good and I got the results. But, the best thing I learned from her was strength,physical and mental. Years later, I can still do full push ups and I have the mental strength to paddle out when its overhead.

Find out more on Cat’s website.

Chris Parsons / Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine

I f you need a good poking, Chris is the guy to go to.  Why? Because he rules the needles! But, with him it just not the needles, its about all of you. He listens very compassionately to your complaints and alignments and then targets the source. He uses needles, fire cupping, cranial sacral and he has a few other tricks in his bag. When I am a “hot mess” in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, Chris always fixes me up. He has helped me through my thyroid dysfunction, multiple concussions( I hit my head a lot), grief, stress and many other health issues. The thing with Chris he will always give it to you straight and you will always walk out of his office blissfully high! (its an added bonus, we recommend not driving).

Find out more on Chris’s Facebook page

Allison Megeney / Physiotherapist

Do you hurt? Are you out of alignment? Then Allison is the chica to see. Her knowledge of the physical body blows my mind. She will move and manipulate your body to help relieve your discomfort but intuitively she knows when to push and when to back off. If you want to be healthy and strong in your life and sports then you will need someone like Allison to assist you in the repairs and rebuilding of your body. She will make you laugh but its kinda like going to school you better do your homework or you might get a talking to! In other words, do what she tells you no matter how much you don’t want to!

Find out more on Allison’s email: [email protected]

Sylvie Raymond / Massage Therapist

Sylvie has the magic hands. Whether you need some serious relief for your tired and overworked muscles or just a soft and nurturing massage you will get it with her. Actually, you will get exactly what you need, even if you don’t know what that is. Sylvie will access your body and work on the areas that need the love, I always leave the table relaxed and in need of a nap or hot bath. But, the next day my body always says thank you. This lady is worth every penny!

Find out more on Sylvie’s website.

For Guidance


Coral Cadman / Western Astrologer

After many years of hearing about this woman, I finally went for a reading when I was at one of my lowest points. It wasn’t just an astrology reading, it was a life reading. The overall explanation of my life, the path that I am on and some of the answers to why? Coral doesn’t just read your chart, she sees your soul. Plus, she delivers the information with amazing compassion and laughter. My great gratitude to this amazing woman and her guidance.

Find out more on Coral’s website.

Paddi Moore / Vedic Astrologer

Paddi was one of the first people to put me on the path to awareness. My first reading was in 1996, and I never stopped. Paddi has guided me through the death of my father, business partnerships, love affairs and many life transformations. Her knowledge of astrology has grown to unbelievable levels over the years and has lead her to the Vedic path. One of the biggest things I learned from her is that sometimes you are just in a planetary cycle that truly sucks, it is then that you just have to surrender because the more you push the more crap that happens. Plus, she will give it to you straight . . . with compassion and love.

Find out more on Paddi’s website.

Brenda Montani / Registered Clinical Counsellor

Let’s face it, we all need some help at times in our lives. Serious help to get us through all the crap. It doesn’t mean we are screwed up or insane, it actually just means we are human. The first day I met Brenda, she opened the door and I burst into tears. She just smiled and said, “Oh dear, you really do need to be here.” I saw her on and off for over 5 years, in her gentle but strong way she peeled off the layers and eventually got down to the root of a lot of my issues. She helped me realize that my parents did the best they could with the tools that they had, and that is was up to me to move past my upbringing and become a better person. She helped me understand ME and to forgive myself and the others that influenced me. This woman has a unique and amazing gift!

Find out more on Brenda’s website.

For Inspiration


Narayani / Yoga Teacher

There are many yoga teachers that teach the postures and talk in sanskrit. But, there are very few yoga teachers that actually LIVE the yoga path and keep it in balance with our present world. Narayani is one of those few, she is most compassionate person  I know and a true inspiration. Her classes all flow from her intuition that is based in years of learning, deep study and practice. With Nara, you never know what your going to get, her classes are challenging, nurturing and with her dry humor and Argentinian accent you are guaranteed that they will be hilarious.

Find out more on Narayani’s website.

Jennifer Isaacson / Yoga Instructor

Real, that is the word that comes to mind when I think of Jennifer. This woman is real and strong, she will guide you into yourself and harness your inner strength to the point where it flows effortlessly into your practice. She will assist you into the next level of  your posture but also the next level of your overall practice. A workshop with Jennifer will always be transformative.

Find out more about Jennifer Isaacson.

Erin Anderson / Yoga Instructor

You want it hot? You want it sweaty? You want it fun and inspiring? Then White Gold Yoga is the place to go. This space has seen many of my triumphs and my tears. Its a small and unique studio filled with a special community of people that have been brought together by Erin. Her life philosophy of “Live Big” is truly inspiring!

Find out more about Erin Anderson.