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Do you have a great story? Or a hot new cocktail recipe? What about a life changing event? Or do you just have a question? Let me know, I love to hear it all! Bring it on!

Do you have something that you love, something that you think is fabulous? A new wine, hot lip gloss, awesome yoga pant or a groovy surf wax? Whatever it is, send it to me if I love it and it rocks my world I will write about it and put it out there for others to be stoked about! (New cars, surfboards and bottles of wine are always appreciated and fully tested !)

Book me for:

Styling: Are you in a rut? Need a new look or makeover? What to learn how to do your makeup better or slightly differently? Are you going to a party or getting married? Let’s make you really pretty from the inside out. Individual or group booking appointments available.

Speaking: Does your book club want to meet an author? Or does your staff need a bit of a motivational kick in the ass? Or better yet, do you have a group of young girls/teens that could use a hair/makeup lesson with some advice about how to feel pretty from the inside without the fake boobs and botox? 2-4 hour talks/seminars available.

Teaching: Want to do a handstand, flow through your sun salutation or finally get the thing called “mediation”? Then let’s do it, lets flow, bend and laugh. Private and group classes available.

Workshopping: Are you burnt out and need a break? Want to heal and do a retreat? Are planning a bachlorette weekend and want something fun and different?

Whatever stokes you or what you want to explore and expand on, let’s create it! Whatever “it” is! Yoga, surfing and martinis. Yoga, meditation and writing. Healing, health and surfing. Whatever we put together it will be inspiring, transformative and freakin hilarious.


Please fill in the form below to send me an email or call me on:  Canadian cell: 1 604 905 8096   /   Mexico cell: 322 191 0207


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