Things worth loving

There are many pretty, fabulous, functional and delectable things that I love. Here are a few of my beloved things that I keep close to me . . .

Pretty Things


Betina Roza Jewerly

Erin makes pretty things….really, really pretty. Her jewelry is really all I wear now. Every piece is unique, fun and stylish. Plus, the energy she infuses into her pieces is truly beautiful, you can not help but feel pretty when you wear her pieces.


Find out more on Betina Roza website.


Nine West Shoes

The Austin, I love it. I have to many pairs to count in multiple colors and patterns. This shoe rocks, I can work an entire 10 hours day behind the chair and still go out dancing afterward. Sexy, stylish and comfortable. And with the heel, I am 5’4, we all know that every inch counts!

Find out more on the Nine West  website.

Things that make you pretty

Moroccan Oil 

Does it work? Hell ya! After 15 years in the hair industry and having fine thin hair I never believed you could use an oil in your hair and not end up looking like a grease monkey. Well, I was proved wrong one day, 20 min after applying to much oil I watched the  oil slick in my hair be  absorbed. After that I became a believer, now I use it everyday. It has repaired my sun bleached, salt coated surf hair and ALL my surf girlfriends and ALL my clients are also on the Moroccan Oil program. It’s the shit! And no, the imitations are not the same!

Find out more on Moroccan Oil  website.


Gosh Lip n’Shine Lipgloss

Everytime I open this in public, people want to know what it is. Yup, who ever invented this is a genius. A lipgloss with a mirror and a light! Brilliant! Great texture and colors, reasonable price and if needed you can hike out of the jungle with it!

Find out more on Gosh website.


Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair (Dry Hair Shampoo) 

My saving grace, when I am running late, which is always! Smells great, doesn’t leave white power on your hair and it actually feels like your scalp and hair is clean. Plus, for us fine haired women it give us the root lift we strive for. The only disadvantage is that I procrastinate about washing my hair . . . so by day 5 its pretty funky. But, as least I look great for the first 4 days!

Find out more on Kevin Murphy website.

Delicious Things

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc download

It’s always a party when you bring Kim. I am not sure what it is about this winery but everytime I crack anything from Kim Crawford, good time are guaranteed with my girlfriends. Even if I am alone, as soon as the bottle is open there is a knock at the door or the phone rings and only laughter follows. This Sauvignon Blanc is light and refreshing, its perfect for a late afternoon lunch, sunset on the beach or a pool party with the girls.

Find out more on Kim Crawford Wine website.

Lindt Excellence Caramel with Sea Salt 

Dark chocolate is as close as you can get to having an orgasm. Blend it with sea salt and caramel and its an orgasm with the hottest guy ever! Take a little of nibble of this on those pms days, or when your stressed or just when you feel you want it and everything is all of a sudden much better.

Find out more on Lindt  website.