Sayulita Secrets

I was sitting and having a taco and margarita a few days ago, it took longer then usual, as things do in Mexico because I had the hundredth conversation with a few tourists about “what to do” and “where to go” while they were in Sayulita. This gave me the idea to just write it all down, and share with my friends and followers. All the reasons why I love Sayulita so much. This list is the truth with no bullshit, its what I like, what I do and how to make the most out of your holiday. The places and people that I recommend are people that I honor and respect. Why? Because they are honest, hard working and passionate about what they do. Enjoy them, tell them I sent you and please be respectful, kind and compassionate. It’s a hell of a lot harder then people think to have a business in Mexico and these people do it and love it and love Sayulita! Enjoy!

Cheers, Marjie Martini

Top Things To Do

sayulitaTake a Surf Lesson/Adventure with “Surf it Out”

Risa and Deigo are truly two of the best surf instructors and lovers of our Mother Ocean that I have ever met. You can walk up and down the beach in Sayulita and find multiple surf schools and guys that are willing to push you into the white water, if that works for you then great. BUT, if you actually want to learn how to surf, learn proper etiquette and do it safely then Surf it Out is for you. OR, maybe you already know how to surf but would actually like to surf bigger waves or try a different break. Or you want to build your confidence so you can actually sit in the line up and know what your doing, then you are only going to get that with Risa and Deigo. My Tips: 1. book 3 lessons over 6 days, (practice on the days in between) 2. Pay in advance (this way you won’t bail when your sore or hungover) 3. Show up, surf your brains out and you will leave with the greatest thing on earth . . . surf stoke!

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Take a Kick Ass Yoga Class

If you are tired, exhausted and sore from your flight then this is the way to start your holiday. Stretch it out, sweat it out, and then relax and calm your mind. The energy of Paraiso is as unique as it is tranquillo. Narayani puts her heart and soul into every aspect of this little piece of paradise. The instructors she hand picks to teach are skilled, educated and truly love to teach and share yoga. You can attend a class or if you really want to improve your practice book a few privates over the course of your holiday. Combine that with some Thai massage, healthy food, peaceful sunsets and you will never want to leave Paraiso Yoga or Sayulita.

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sayulitaTake a Killer walk in the Jungle

So let me guess you don’t surf? Or maybe your girlfriend doesn’t surf. Or, god forbid . . . its flat. Well, do something super cool and different. Go for a hike with Steve from MexiTreks. This guy knows more about plants, birds and trees then anyone I know. Plus, he isn’t a biology geek, he is actually pretty cool and hilarious. Whether its kayaking or hiking as far as a guide goes, Steve is knowledgeable, safe and is going to give you an amazing experience. There are multiple treks to many different places, my personal favorite is to Alta Vista to see the waterfalls and petroglyphs.

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sayulitaGet your SHOP ON!

So I have these amazing T-shirt dresses and skirts that I practically live in all surf season long. Every time I wear them, someone asks “hey, where did you get that skirt?’ They are comfortable, beachy, cool and hip. Where did I get them? At the Rosemary Boutique. The owner, Cortney has one of the best eyes for eclectic fashion that I have ever seen. Her store is filled with great treasures and unique finds, from clothing to accessories and household items. Plus, her stuff is not going to max out your credit card. You never know what you might find in her store tucked away just off the Sayulita Plaza. But, be warned the hardest thing about going into Rosemary is trying to decide what you are not going to buy….so my tip is just buy it all because you will be on the plane regretting that one piece that you left behind!




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Top Places to Go

sayulitaLos Corazones is truly one of my favorite restaurants. Being greeted by Katherine at the stairs with her warm beautiful smile always makes me feel good. She is truly the hostess with the mostest. Combine this with her husband Antonio and his extraordinaire culinary skills in the kitchen and you have a winning combination. The wine list is great, the menu is small and flavorful but you will still find many things you want to try. Plus, if you have special requirements they will do everything they can to accommodate you. My favorites are : 1. the chicken stuffed with spinach and the Parmesan rice (it will blow your mind) 2. The tuna and filet mignon are also stellar. sayulita

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