The Summer of Sex 2020

When is the last time you had sex?

Are you ready to get out of lock-down? How much do you want to let loose and most likely get laid? Will the summer of 2020 will be a resurgence of the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.

History always repeats itself, so now society is at a point where humanity is being restricted. People are questioning their human rights and their freedom to choose. So, it is only human nature to rebel and when a human is denied their ability to touch another human, you can be guaranteed that there will be a rebellion, it will be the sexual rebellion of the summer of 2020!

With all the single people and now the newly single people (as many relationships did not survive covid) getting let out of our cages/houses in the next few weeks. How long do you think it will take before people start fucking like maniacs? Not long! Odds are that Tinder is going to crash due to an over load of swiping right!

With all the social distancing, restaurants restricted to lower capacities and bars/clubs not even opening, it is only a matter of time before the pendulum swings in the other direction and the inevitable happens. Our society has been locked up for over two months with no physical touch let alone sex. We are now craving human contact and also a deep desire of sexual interaction. After all, even though we think we are more evolved species it still boils down to the fact that we are primal animals that require sex.

Some people will stick to the social distancing, my guess is most of those people are in relationships so they will already be receiving human contact and sex within their homes. For the rest of the world that is single. . . all it is going to take is one night out, a few cocktails and it will literally be game on! How much do you think the average person has masturbated over the lock-down? A lot! How much porn can people watch by themselves until it just isn’t enough anymore? No matter how much you wack off or watch porn it is still is not as good as the real thing and trust me there are a lot of people craving the real thing right now!

It is just not the single people that are going to take part in this sexual revolution of 2020, we have many contributing groups. We have all the new singles or the Fresh Meat!

A lot of relationships did not survive Covid or the lock-down. It was a time that either made or broke a relationship. Couples got to really know each other, maybe more then they wanted to. Plus, everyone really got to see how the people around them reacted to fear, lock-down, mass media, shaming and alternative theories. So… what does this mean…well it means A LOT of fresh meat is on the market and those newly single people are looking for some action! Yum, yum! All those cute guys that were in relationships are now single. All those girls who you could never figure out why they where dating the assholes! Well, they are now available.

We also have the experimental couples,

It is just not the single people that are and will be having sex. For all those married people who have been cooped up together and actually realize they like each other, the bonus has been that they are having more sex then ever! Why? because they actually have time to have sex! What a thought! They are actually home together, they are not working, they are not traveling and they are not tired! So, they are actually having sex in the middle of day? Concept! And they are actually having sex more then once a week! O.M.G! it is a revelation in the married world!

But now that the couples are back in their sex groove, you can bet on it that they are going to want to explore the outer sex world together! Doing all the things they have been tempted to try but have never been as sexually secure in their relationship or had the balls to give it go. Remember, the more sex you have the hornier you get! So, all those couples who have been having sex more in the past 3 months then they have in years are going to be even more randy! I can foresee that the couple/neighbor swapping parties are going to hit an all time high this summer! Literally a high!

Regardless of all the factors the bottom line is that everyone is fucking HORNY! Plus, the populous is craving a rippin party! People are over it right now, they just want to lose their minds…literally! Dance, laugh, fuck and forget all the shit that is happening in the world. People want to check out, let loose and feel FREE! It will be a World Wide Orgy!

2020 will go down as the biggest year of sexual freedom . . . not to mention baby boom. Please people wrap it up, we already have enough souls on this planet!

So most likely this will be the summer of fucking fun and freedom! It will be a summer of underground parties, orgies, bush raves, and as many hook ups as you can get! And why not? The world as we know is collapsing, the economy is crashing, people are broke, there are riots, looting and everyone is facing the huge fear of losing something! So. . . .we might as well party, enjoy our friends, dance and fuck ourselves silly because god knows when we will have another chance to do so!

I know that some of you are thinking…I am over the top (I usually am!) there will not be a Sex Revolution! Well, shocker! It is already happening, why do you think I was inspired to write this? I know many people who are Tindering and Tindering hard. Plus, groups of friends that have been locked up together are now starting to hook up. That buddy of yours, who was just a friend might now look at you differently because you are safe sex. Being that you are both Covid free because you have both been locked up together in the same town.


Yup…Summer 2020 it will all about sex, drugs and rock n roll! It will be a summer like no other! Instead of stocking up on toilet paper you better stock up on condoms because that will be the next item that will be “out of stock”

So, let the sun shine, pack your rubbers (BE SAFE) and don’t break your thumb swiping right! Literally…screw Covid 19! It is time for a W.W.O.! As my girlfriend calls the World Wide Orgy!

Dedicated to my hilarious and inspiring girlfriend….K.A!


Marjie Martini

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