Burn out and Return of the Fun Factor

Have you had moments that have turned into months or even years where life is just WAY too serious, structured and stressful? Have you ever reached the point of burn out? Where you just feel that you are slowly sinking and that you will never be able to get it all done and you wonder: what is the point? Why do I work this hard and don’t have the time to do what I really love? Have you ever just wanted to laugh and have spontaneous fun and just play? (Something we rarely get to do as adults).

Well “burnout” was the place I was at six weeks ago. I had lost my fun factor! Yup, Marjie Martini, the queen of having a good time and hilarious, spontaneous fun was officially burnt out, and to be brutally honest BORING!  Now, I have had moments in my life of seriousness, but I have always seemed to balance them with fun and generally, I find the hilarious humour in everyday life. Plus, it helps that the craziest and most retarded things happened to me on a regular basis, so this always makes for the retelling of great stories. But over the last six months, life had become serious, stressful and boring. I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was have fun again, but even when I tried, I truly just couldn’t because I was constantly thinking about what I should be doing. My inbox was ruling my life and every time I tried to check out and chill out, I just ended up even more stressed out. So as I looked at my upcoming month of March and everything that was planned and had to be done, I was totally conflicted because March was supposed to be FUN, but I was only feeling completely overwhelmed. So, I decided to just let the universe take care of all of it! I decided that I was going to totally trust the universe to provide me with all the abundance, inspiration and energy that I desired so that for the next month, my only focus was to laugh every day, be playful and have spontaneous fun. I had no idea how the money was going to flow in, how I would get it all done, and to be honest, how I would physically survive, my ball team can seriously drink/party like rock stars.  But, I decided to just trust (actually part of me decided to say “screw it, I’m gonna have a good time.” Deciding this was mentally the key. So the next thing I did was prep my physical body. I did a cleanse, loaded up on vitamins, herbs, immune boosters, packed my stuff and got on the plane to Mexico with the mindset that I was going to have the best month of my life.

Well . . . 30 days later, I sit and write this blog in total awe! burn outNot only did I have the most hilarious, fun and inspiring month, I was also able to do it all with ease. For the first time ever, I truly trusted the universe and it provided everything I needed plus even more. 4 Cool Weddings, 3 Happy Houses (I moved twice in 4 weeks and lived in 3 houses), 2 Mind Blasting Surf Days with the best rides of the season, 1 Awesome Week-Long Ball Tourney, plus an amazing Birthday! = 30 days of laughter and countless moments of just plain old fashioned F.U.N.

Plus, I worked, made money and somehow got stuff done. I also got the added bonus of adopting a new dog and even though I was hesitant and thought that this was probably not the best month to take on an additional responsibility, I trusted my intuition and went with it, and she is the best doggie ever. She is easy, a love muffin and she also totally goes with the flow.

burn out

But, as I sit in wonder at all the fun I have had, I find myself thinking, how did this happen? Well, there were a few rituals that I stuck to. Number  1 was my morning meditation, filled with tons and tons of gratitude. No matter what time I went to bed or how many glasses of wine I had, I got up to see the sunrise and say gracias to the universe. What was interesting was the more I laughed and had fun, the more I was grateful for. Number 2 was taking care of my body. I knew I would be pushing it, so I stuck to drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins and herbs and eating well. (My Usana protein powder and Mila snack bars saved my ass this month). Number 3 was to be mentally focussed. When I had to work, I would go and hide out, set my timer for how long I was going to work and then I went for it with no distractions. I killed it, I got more emails accomplished in a four hours then I would normally get done in 6 or 7 hours. Number 4 was to just trust, and this one was huge. Every time I started to feel anxious about not having enough (i.e. money, sleep, energy, etc.), I would just repeat to myself, “I trust that the universe will provide everything that I desire with ease.” And then I would visualize what I desired and how I would feel when it showed up. Then BOOM, whatever I needed would show up. When it did, I would just smile, giggle, give myself a pinch and say “gracias universe.”

But, as I reflect on the past month I am stoked to finally feel like myself again – burn outthe  crazy ass, fun and hilarious Marjie Martini. But, I am also so grateful that I am in tears. I am grateful for the fun, but I am more grateful for all of the amazing people who inspired me to be fun!  The old friends and renewed relationships that helped me to remember who I am, made me dance in the middle of the day, and brought me out of my way-too-serious funk. The beautiful and creative stylists, planners and brides who truly made me feel grateful for being able to hear true love stories, and the real reason for the bond of marriage, plus seeing the amazing inner and outer beauty of people. The new people that I met and the friendships that developed, the amazing discussions of life and love. Plus, the sharing of hilarious stories and experiences. For the first time, I am writing about my gratitude for my main man, my lover and friend who makes me laugh every day, even when I am in a serious funk. I am so grateful to him and to Skype for keeping us connected. But most of all my gratitude is, as always, for my salty surf sisters who shared in my joy and fear, plus listened to my bitching. Sometimes the only solution is to just shut up and get in the fuckin’ water, because once you do, everything is better. LOL!

My Conclusion

Life is way too freakin’ serious! We are all getting sucked in to doing more, working more and playing less. If we keep waiting until we have enough money, enough time and enough energy to go and have fun, then we will be dead and in the box. So just trust . . . go have fun, do something playful and spontaneous and instead of doubting or worrying about the outcome just trust that the outcome will be more amazing then you could ever imagine. The universe will provide everything that you desire and it seems that it will also give you more then you desire. But you have to be having fun and laughing so hard that your sides ache. Laughter and love are truly what everything is about . . . with them, everything else just falls easily into place.

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