Lip gloss that does it all!

It’s my job to have the latest, coolest and best makeup and beauty products. Trust me this is no small feat! I spend a shit load of money (more than $5,000 a year – I almost barfed when I totalled it up for 2014. It is no wonder that the beauty industry is one of the top grossing industries in North America!) and many hours poring over the beauty editor’s picks in all the magazines plus the time I spend cruising the aisles of Sephora and MAC. Even my girlfriends have learned to just drop me off at Sephora because I will be in that store for hours. They will cruise the entire mall and I will still be in Sephora, testing and asking questions. It is safe to say that I try more stuff that I don’t like, that doesn’t work or is just way too expensive, so when I find something that I love and it works I generally stick with it.

This gem of a lip gloss is one of my favourites and has been in my kit for a few years – Gosh Light’n Shine Lip Glaze! I LOVE IT! The brilliant designers at this unique Dutch cosmetics company did an amazing thing. They made a killer lip gloss and put a light on the inside with a mirror on the outside. So simple, yet so brilliant! Every time I open this lip gloss, someone comments and wants to know where I got it. I could sell these out of my handbag like Chiclets, and in a few instances I have! One evening I was at this groovy wine bar and a good looking guy came up to me and asked, “Excuse me, but where did you get that lip gloss with the light?” I was stunned! Was this a pick-up line or was this guy gay? I must have given him a perplexed look because he quickly explained that his girlfriend had noticed it and he wanted to buy her one. I was bummed that the cute guy had a girlfriend but immediately helped him out and sold him the new unopened lip gloss that I had in my bag because any guy that wants to buy a lip gloss for his lady is a total keeper!

However, this lip gloss also serves as an essential safety device for a girl’s handbag. There have been two occasions when I have used the lip gloss to get out of a potentially dangerous situation. The first one was a jungle hike out of a secluded beach. My girlfriend and I went to the beach for sunset and drank a bottle of wine. It was dark and we were a bit tipsy when we went to hike back out and yup, you guessed it, my cell phone was dead . . . so no flashlight. But I saved the day with my trusty lip glossLight’n Shine and it got us out of there in no time. My girlfriend laughed all the way back to the car but the next day she asked me to pick her up one the next time I was back in Canada. The second occasion was a flat tire after a sunset surf session. Same situation, dead cell phone so no flashlight, but the Light’n Shine came through again and we were able to change the tire and still make it for happy hour! Picture that one – two girls on the side of a Mexican highway changing a tire and applying lip gloss!

My Conclusion
So this is the skinny on Gosh Cosmetics: They are readily available in the United Kingdom and are exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I find that the price point is very reasonable for the quality of the product. Basically, Gosh Cosmetics is cheaper than MAC or Smashbox but the quality is equivalent. I am using several of the Gosh products in my kit including the mascara, blush and BB cream, but my favourite is the Light’n Shine Lip Glaze.

You can sometimes find the Gosh Light’n Shine online at Amazon UK.

They will ship to the U.S. but it takes about 14 days so buy a few shades because once you get one . . . you will instantly want more. Try it, you will love it and always carry it with you. Remember, one day that little LED light may come in handy for making you more than just fabulous.


Marjie Martini

Tips for the Perfect Lips:

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! If you are dehydrated on the inside it will show up as dry cracked lips on the outside
  2. Exfoliate the dry skin off. Use a warm wash cloth or some exfoliate and give your lips a light scrub at night and then apply a lip moisturizer. Boom, luscious lips in the morning
  3. Throw out those lip balms. You know the ones that you are addicted to and have in your coat pocket, car console and everywhere else. You know the ones I am talking about they begin with the big “B” or “C”. In short they suck, use a good moist lipstick by MAC or the Gosh Light’n Shine and you will never have chapped lips again.
  4. For the “organic” ones reading this blog, try the Burt Bees lip balm it is more natural and does not chap your lips. Or, use the good old alternative, Vaseline. Yup, I know it may be a petroleum based product but I have never heard of any one getting a disease from too much Vaseline use and to be honest, it works!
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