Sweaty to Sexy Hair in under 5 Min

Ever wonder how you can go from Sweaty to Sexy Hair in under 5 Min? Well I have the key. Your future life might be free of ever having another bad hair day after you read these tips.  Here is a “dirty” little secret that some women don’t want to talk about but I hope everyone starts because every girl I know needs an extra 30 min in the morning! Do you?

Being an 80’s child we all grew up washing our hair every day! Blowing it out, curling it, then spraying it to death with Ice Mist or some god awful hairspray that was liquid cement. Then hoping it did not move until we got to high school. But, once there we would curl it all over again and add more spray. I swear I spent a small fortune on the canisters for my butane curling iron! So imagine my shock years ago when I became a stylist and actually learned that not washing your hair was a good thing? For years I have been telling my clients to only wash their hair once or twice a week. I have taught them to brush it out at night and in the morning with a natural bristle brush to work the oils off the scalp and through the ends of your hair. But, the complaint was that their scalp would get greasy, itchy or their bangs would be sweaty after a workout. So I suggested they use baby powder on the roots and hairline. It works but its white and takes practice to apply. Plus, you end up smelling like a baby’s diaper instead of a sex kitten. Not a good thing!

Over the past few years, they have reinvented the “Dry Hair Shampoo” believe it or not it was around years ago and it kinda flopped because it sucked. It was too heavy, sticky and didn’t leave the hair actually feeling clean, hence the use of baby powder at least it worked even with the diaper smell. The new dry hair shampoos actually work, they leave your hair feeling clean and absorb the grease. Some are lighter than others, some still leave a white residue, some come in colours and some smell better than others. I have pretty much tried them all over the past two years.  I have found my Killer Combo (as I call it) from Kevin Murphy. I have used this combo on all my brides, clients and myself in multiple climates. Hot and dry (Whistler summer), wet and damp (whistler fall), very cold and dry (whistler winter) and the dreaded hot and humid (Mexico spring/summer/fall). When I say humid, it’s out of control humid, it’s basically humidity on steroids. Visualize rivers of sweat between your legs and running down you back, now put on a big heavy wedding dress and where your hair down and curly! Yup, you got it! HOT and SWEATY . . . not so SEXY. But with the help of the Kevin Murphy killer combo it takes the Hot and Sweaty to Hot and Sexy!

sexy hairThe Kevin Murphy killer product combo is Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair applied on dry hair in the root area along the part, hairline and base of neck prior to styling.  Then finish the hair with Kevin Murphy Session Spray, this light workable hairspray actually holds the hair and the bonus is you can brush it out at night and restyle in the morning. When I am doing a wedding or the hair is freshly washed I will also add in the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray, this product I spray onto each section before I set/curl it. It is resistant to the humidity and gives an excellent hold without being stiff or sticky. Extra bonus, if you’re being a beach/lake girl you can just spray the Resort spray into wet hair and let it air dry and it will give you that beachy, wavy, sexy look.

My Conclusion

The combo is fantastic but if I had to take one product to a deserted island it would be the Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair. Why? Because, in order to look sexy for Tarzan I would need to have grease free hair and smell amazing. With Fresh Hair I get both! A great beach girl sexy smell (very non baby powder/diaper like) and clean, fresh hair. Try it, get over washing your hair every day and embrace having more time in the morning to do other stuff, like have a lazy cup of coffee, meditate or maybe morning sex! Plus, you will have the added bonus of having everyday as a good hair day! Can you imagine how great your day would be if you did those 3 things every morning and used Fresh Hair! Wow, life and your hair would both be fabulous!


Marjie Martini

sexy hair

Bonus Tips for Good Hair in a Hurry:

  1. Wash 2-3 times a week at night and let air dry overnight (this is totally dependent on hair type but for fine to medium hair it works) and style with rollers, flat iron, or curling iron/wand in the morning. (you save your blow-dry time)
  2. Use dry hair shampoo along your hair line, base of your neck, your part and in the crown. Spray in, let dry for a few seconds and then lightly rub into the roots.
  3. Brush your hair out at night with a natural bristle brush to work the oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair. This also brushes out your styling product so you can reapply in the morning.
  4. Only use conditioner on the mid shafts and ends of your hair. Not the roots, this makes the hair less greasy.
  5. When you wash less, you use less shampoo so you can afford a dry hair shampoo. When you do wash, wet you hair really really well first! Rinse out all the product and then shampoo twice. If your hair is really wet, you will use less shampoo and still get a good lather.
  6. After a workout and you have sweaty scalp. Wrap your hair in a towel to shower. Then quickly blow dry your roots dry, add some dry hair shampoo and brush out. Then restyle! Boom you’re done!
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