The Goddess Martini

vodka martini


1 1/2 oz. Hendricks Gin ½ oz. Jack Daniels Splash of Hypnotiq Passion Fruit Liqueur Wild blueberries and blackberries.

Macerate the berries with the Jack Daniels and let sit for at least one hour. Pour this mixture into the bottom of a chilled martini glass. Swirl the remaining ingredients with ice in a shaker and layer on top of berries. Garnish with a blue edible flower.

The Tale of the Goddess Martini

As always insight comes to me in the latest hour of the evening. On this gifted evening I was introduced to an amazing creation. It was the Goddess Martini, a specialty martini that was created to represent how amazing women are. This martini is symbolic because it possesses everything that is wonderful in a martini and it is hard to find anything wrong with it at all. It is truly unique!

The Goddess martini requires some preparation and is not something that you just through together. The first part is that you have to take some Jack Daniels and add some macerated blackberries and blueberries. Let this combination sit for awhile, the longer the better. This martini is then layered with the berries on the bottom and a combination of Hendricks Scottish Gin with Hypnotiq passion fruit liqueur on the top. What makes this martini so Goddess like is that it is presented garnished with a blue edible flower. This martini is fresh and beautiful, an amazing combination of fragrance and taste that sends your senses swimming. The Goddess tastes amazing on the top but once you mix it up it is delightfully smooth with no after bite. A little to smooth because you can not help but have more than one.

As I am sipping my Goddess martini I am contemplating why it is that people stopped worshiping Goddesses. As far back in time as you can go there where always cultures that honored female gods. The Greeks, Egyptians and Aztecs all had many Goddesses that they honored. Even though we refer to these civilizations as ancient, they did possess incredible knowledge that we as a modern civilization have not been able to reproduce. Could this be because of our lack of Goddess worshipping? In our current society many of us have been raised to believe that god created the land, and then the water and creatures and then he created man. However, man was restless and wanted a mate. There was something that was missing, so god created woman. We have all read this book of the bible but somehow we missed the part that woman should be honored. Think about it, god created everything perfect? So therefore women are perfect!

Plus we were created second; man was the test model and the woman the new and improved version, free of defects. Woman must be a better version because he gave them the ability to reproduce. Women were created from man but we were created better.

“Women are one part man, one part child, one part lady and definitely one part wild”

I began to wonder, were we really created like this or did women all come from Venus and men from Mars? Are we meant to be mates with the opposite sex? Or are we meant to live with our own sex on our own planet? It would be more peaceful that way! However, slightly boring.

As my girlfriends slowly began to trickle in, the Goddess martini was the drink of the evening. The women surrounding me where all so unique and amazing. They for sure, were all super hot! Some where single, some where married, and several where yummy mommies. All these women were intelligent, successful and hilarious. What struck me as weird was that even though all these women were fantastic each of them thought that there was something wrong with them. How is this possible? In ancient cultures women were advisors because of their intelligence and praised for their success. In our culture we only praise women that are esthetically beautiful. Is this a modern culture or one that has regressed? There are still many women in this world that are punished or tortured for being able to bare children, when in previous times, woman were worshipped for that ability. As I was sitting with my amazing and beautiful girlfriends I realize that we are all truly Goddesses. That we are the creators of life and we should be honored and worshipped just like our ancient female ancestors. However I realized that the only way we can start being Goddesses is to treat ourselves like that and demand that treatment from our men and our society. If we believe deep down that there is something wrong with us, we will always feel that being treated as a goddess is not justified, but it is justified because we are perfect. We were created second the ones without the defects.

My Conclusion

The Goddess Martini is created with the strength of the Jack Daniels and the wild blueberries and blackberries; this is the backbone of this martini. Just like how women where created from man, they were given his strength but made just a little wilder. The passion fruit liqueur and gin give the top of this martini a passionate kiss that is just like a giddy child. The edible flower is the perfect feminine finish. The Goddess martini should be worshiped because it is not something that you just shake up, it requires some fore thought and preparation, just like the thought that God put in when he created woman. Every woman should think of herself as a Goddess because we all have one part man, one part child, one part lady and one part WILD. It is this martini that brings out all the best parts, it should definably be honored.

Intuitive thought by Marjie Martini

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